Welcome to reality.

Image editing is THE artistic expression of our times and reflects the global Zeitgeist. In our digital world, images and photos play an increasingly important role. They are an important part of our communication and our culture around the globe. They are the favourite human mean of perceiving the world and the world fell in love with editing its individual appearance. We are always looking for reflection, documentation and recognition of our selves and abstract art is the only way to turn your walls into a mirror.

The technology -

from version to vision.

Thanks to constantly advancing technology and the development of image editing software, artists and photographers can create their works in new and creative ways. So, like any canvas and colours, Image editing is enabling artists to bring their ideas and visions to life.

Quantum physics tells us : things only exist when you observe them. And there is always more to discover than meets the bare eye. By using image editing, an artist can create things that did not exist before. I don t change reality and or create my own truth – i simply try to make another truth visible.

Digital photo art is my creative opportunity that combines art and technology in a unique way. Through image editing, artists like me can not only realize their visions and give the digital world a human touch. They bring up new perspectives and visions, both: men an machine can relate to.

The process -

into the Unknown.

My process has more in common with sculpting than design  – layer by layer i ´m carving something out, that lays already hidden in my material and make it see the light of the world.

I don ´t know what it will look like, but i know it is already there.

Digital photo art shows that technology and art can go hand in hand like a chisel and a hammer used by human creativity.

As the world gets more and more abstract for the most of us - i can't see it has been any day something else than abstract. May you be an artist or scientist, we share one common human experience, which is: the reality does not give it´s essence away easily to any of us. 

If you give it a second through, it is a wonderful thing that the reality appears to each observer differently and keeps on changing.

By distorting “documented reality” of a picture and showing new forms and structures the KNOWN and UNKNOWN and to witness the shapes it can take in, excites me as an artist every single time. It emphasizes my perception that no such thing like a ruling reality does truly exist.

The message -


Of course, through digital editing, colors and textures of any image can be manipulated to change the mood and atmosphere of it or a whole room you choose to display it. Far more important to me, it creates a new perception of the subject itself.

One of my favourite things to do is to customize a dear memory of my clients they documented in a photography and turn it into an abstract piece of art. It is amazing to witness how the abstract version of their treasured moment reflects on the observers experience, who don’t know what was the original story of the picture like.

The manipulation of light, sight and object is to me the true eye-opener and reveals reality as it is – everything you experience it to be.







BASED in the greater area of MUNICH

Myriam Fiegert is active as an PHOTOARTIST since 2015.  Coming from the world of literature and linguistics, she improves and evolves her skills in videography, photography and digital art techniques since over 25 years - knows to handle a pen too .

She is specialized in Contemporary Photo Art,

VideoArt, Abstract Art, Expressionism, Digital Art, Paintography, Typogrophy Art, customizes Art 

and Illustrations.

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